When we initially sketched out the design for the edge16, we knew we were on to something.  A design initiative which started off as being more about aesthetics and drew upon being simple and elegant became a product analogous with lightweight and performance.

As our product reached more and more people literally on every continent but Antartica, we got a lot of feedback on opportunity areas where the edge16 could be improved to make it more versatile in the specific disciplines of road and time trials.

What we discovered were the harsh conditions a road bike or a time trial bike introduced to our system which was designed to offset shock loading and vibration could be even more severe than we calculated.  The contributing factors are the width of the tire, the pressure it is inflated to, and the lack of any shock absorption devices on the frame.  Given the latest data, feedback, and simulations we determined a new design was needed - a product we call the edgePRO.

Visually, the edge16 and edgePRO share many of the same characteristics.  The keys to the improved performance are three fold:

  • Magnetic Wave Reflection
  • Duck Bill Edge
  • Polycarbonate Magnet Cover

We’ve finalized the design and already cut the mold for the edgePRO.  Now we are waiting to enter production.

We apologize to all of you who continue to be patient awaiting the release of the newest members of the Vincero Design product line. Due to the extreme flooding Boulder experienced recently, our earliest expected availability of the edgePRO and stratusAERO is January 2014