About Us

Vincero Design is located in Boulder, Colorado. We came together by chance and have been designing and building products since 2009. We’re a tight knit team of engineers and technologists who share a passion for all disciplines of cycling and come from many walks of life.
In the past, we’ve competed at the national level in a few sports outside of cycling. Marrying the passion for competition with the diversity and experience we have in materials and technology, we believe the products we are building will capture the attention of those who are serious and committed to riding with the best components on the market.
We are united by the belief that cutting edge performance can be delivered by stripping designs to their basic functionality, optimizing interaction with the cyclist, and then engineering the ideal balance of new materials and geometries to provide an experience which is more refined.
We adhere to the notion of nothing is added which is not necessary. While our products will break basic tenets in cycling and challenge traditional thought developed over decades of bicycle building and craftsmanship, the one thing we promise is the quality of the cycling experience will be enhanced when using our products.
We also have a commitment to the quality of work found in the USA. All of our current products are manufactured in the United States. Our success is measured by building incredible performing products with quality workmanship found at home.

Vincero Design is : Performance. Engineered. Refined.

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