We are different because we think different.  We are different in how we look at design, understand utility, go to manufacture, and our impact to the sport.

This shows in our products in comparison to others.  Over the past 30 years, designers have been thinking about how to make things lighter.  Specifically, on the bottle cages, there has been a migration from steel to aluminum to carbon or composite materials.  Little to no thought was given to the holistic design.  We looked at the problem and asked, “Why do we need a cage?”

Take a look at any competitive product in a local bike shop and compare it to ours.  A few things which make our product different may be evident:

  • It is the lightest (and most durable) system on the market — how many cages can you stand on a not break/warp?
  • It is packaged using materials which are a combination of recycled materials and/or responsibly managed sources
  • 2 aluminum cap screws are provided
  • Made in the USA