A: No. The magnets we use have a specific magnetic field of approximately 1.5 inches. The design of the system focuses the magnetic field even further so there is no magnetic field outside the system itself.

A. Absolutely not. We strive to offer you the highest quality product free of any chemicals known to be harmful including BPA but also DEHA and DEHP. All of the materials we use in out bottles are Proposition 65 compliant as well. We have a specification sheet on the resin of our bottle which is always available upon request.

A: We’ll recycle your bottles in 3 easy steps: (1) You request an RMA number and send the bottle back, (2) We give you a $3 credit towards a future purchase, (3) We recycle the bottle. Best of all — no questions asked.

A. Yes. These are handled on a case-by-case basis. Email sales@vincero-design.com for more details.