The system we’ve designed incorporates a series of advantages which makes it superior to others on the market:

  • Improved Aesthetics: The mount essentially disappears from sight when a bottle is on the bike, and when the bottle is not on the bike the size and shape of the mount blend in with your bike, therefore maintaining the bike’s aesthetics.
  • Freedom of Bottle Design: By incorporating a channel to mirror the shape of the edge16 mount, the bottle is now free to take whatever shape desired.
  • Freedom of Location: With its diminutive size and reduced travel to detach a bottle, bicycle manufacturers now have more options with respect to where our mount is placed on the bike.
  • Freedom of Movement: The rare earth magnets allow you to bring the bottle and bracket together more liberally than with a traditional system requiring the bottom of the bottle to align almost perfectly with the mouth of the cage.
  • Reduced Bottle Travel: This system requires no more than an inch of travel before the bottle and mount are free of one another compared to over 3 inches for other bottles & cages.
  • Fits in Tighter Clearances: With the reduced travel to detach/attach the bottle, smaller frames can now easily accommodate two (2) 24oz. bottles.
  • Reduced Motions: Coupled with the special valve housed in the cap, riders now have only three motions (as opposed to 5 with most other systems) in order to take fluids - detach, squeeze, and attach.
  • Fewer Ejected Bottles: As you drink over the course of a ride, the system becomes more efficient (as the rare earth magnets take a bigger role in securing the bottle) as less fluids remain in the bottles eliminating the opportunity for bottle ejection.
  • Tactile Memory Cues: Whether you are mounting a bottle to the down tube or seat tube, the bottle provides tactile features to assist you in mounting the bottle quickly and efficiently.