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  • Do the 24oz. bottles fit on women’s frame?
  • Yes.  While traditional bottle cages require 3+ inches of travel before the bottle is free which makes mounting a 24oz. bottle almost impossible, we have successfully tested installing two (2) stratus24 24oz. bottles on women’s bike frames down to a size 44cm.

  • What other bike frames can use this system?
  • We’ve found people are installing this on frames with couplers.  As you know, people who like to travel with their bikes buy frames with couplers which can allow the bike to be broken down into a suitcase.  Most will tell you the cages have to be pulled off as they can’t be on the frame when it is packed.  With the minimal profile of our edge16 mount, it is not a problem and uninstalling is not required.

  • Does this system work on cyclocross bikes?
  • Definitely.  Cyclocross bikes are an easier test case than road bikes which have narrow tires at higher pressures.  The wider tires on cyclocross bikes dissipate a lot of vibration and shock loading before it even reaches the system.  An additional benefit cyclocross riders have shared with us is the fact they can train during the week with the system installed and, when they race, just pull of the bottle since the edge16 mount won’t break or get in the way when they shoulder the bike.

  • Does the system fit on mountain bikes?
  • Absolutely.  While most 26″ mountain bikes have very small triangles with the incorporation of rear suspension, we have not found a mountain bike which cannot hold our system.  The reduced clearance poses issue for traditional cages which require >3 inches of travel before the bottle is free of the cage while our system reduces this to <1 inch.

  • Do the bottles contain BPA?
  • No.  All of our bottles are 100% free from BPA, DEHA, and DEHP.  Additionally, they all comply with California’s Proposition 65.

  • Will the magnets corrode?
  • No.  The magnets are double nickel plated to protect the material from corrosion due to exposure to moisture.

  • Are the magnets in the bottle held in by expoxies or adhesives?
  • No.  We created a design which holds the magnet securely in place to eliminate the risk harmful chemicals from adhesives or epoxies leeching into the contents of the bottle.

  • Are the bottles dishwasher safe?
  • Yes.  The bottles are safe to put in the dishwasher however we recommend washing them by hand.  Today’s consumer dishwashers are capable of water temperatures in excess of 150⁰F which can permanently degrade the magnet’s strength.  We suggest: (1) researching your particular dishwasher’s specifications online, (2) only placing the bottle in the top shelf, and (3) not using the heated dry option.

  • Do the magnets become weaker over time?
  • No.  The magnets we use keep their properties as long as they are not exposed to temperatures above 150⁰ F.

  • Does the system work on mountain & cyclocross bikes?
  • Absolutely.  In fact, it may seem counter-intuitive but, mountain bikes are the easiest test case due to the absorption of vibration and shock loading through the larger tires, lower tire pressure, and suspension system.  The most difficult test case (which this system was designed for) is the road bike as the tires are narrower and under higher pressures while the frame has no suspension.  The cyclocross bike falls in between the above two.