Weighing in at just 16 grams, the edge16 is the ultimate cage replacement. Engineered with a carbon fiber composite, it weighs so little you’ll hardly know it’s there; even when you reach down and easily remove your securely-held stratus20/24/AERO/FROST bottles.

Designed to allow the stratus20/24/AERO/FROST bottles to attach quickly, easily, and cleanly, the edge16 mount utilizes geometry and one half of a very strong magnetic pair to offset the vibration and shock loading typically seen on roads and trails. Its unique design securely holds the bottle to the patent pending edge16 mount and effectively offsets forces exerted on it.

The edge16 is a perfect solution to the cramped spaces of small or uniquely-shaped frames. The rail mount design means you will have easier access to your water bottle while improving the hold security.

The unique design of the edge16 means no more dropped or ejected bottles, no matter how rough the road or how little fluids you have left.

Additionally, the edge16 restores the beauty of your frame when bottles are not mounted. No longer will there be the ungainly sight of empty water bottle cages detracting from one of the most scrutinized parts of your bicycle.