Exchange & Recycle Program

Vincero Design provides a no hassles exchange program for the life of the product. Our program allows you to save money and ensure the products are properly recycled.

For any of our components which are worn or have been damaged in any way (i.e. the bottle was run over by a car or the rail mount was damaged when the bike fell at the coffee shop), we'll provide you a credit towards a new replacement.

The magnets used in the edge16 rail mount and the s20/24/AERO bottles are made of rare earth metals and should be disposed of properly rather than just thrown away. By exchanging your bottles with Vincero Design, we'll own the responsibility for ensuring products are properly recycled.

In three easy steps, here is how it works:

  1. Send an email to and in the Subject line put the text RMA Request - (Item to be exchanged) (i.e. RMA Request - s24).
  2. You will receive a confirmation email from us within 24 hours with the address and an RMA number to print on the outside of the box when you return the damaged product.
  3. Upon receipt of the damaged product, we'll email you a discount code for you to apply towards the purchase of a replacement at our online store

The current exchange value for replacements is:

  • s24 Bottle: $3
  • edge16 Rail Mount: $7