Commitment to the Environment

In the retail market today, there is an unparalleled effort to produce green products. Vincero Design is 100% committed to this. In fact, our commitment goes much further than just looking at how green a product is from a recycling, waste, or energy consumed during manufacturing perspective. We look at the entire ecosystem around where and how our products are built. This includes using partners who are as equally focused on the environment as we are. We strive to produce a product that has been environmentally friendly throughout its entire development.

We are committed to create less waste, use sustainable retail packaging, provide a recycling program, and consistently work on reducing our carbon footprint while continuing to deliver quality products to you.

To us, every detail counts:

    Our Products:

  • In making our bottles and rail mounts, all excess material is recycled in the manufacturing process.
  • We offer an exchange program to our customers ensuring systems returned to us not only provide a benefit to them via a credit towards a new system but also peace of mind the components are recycled properly.
  • Our Packaging:

  • The retail packaging we use is 100% environmentally friendly. It is built only from a mix of post consumer recycled content and paper from sustainably managed forests. It is 100% chlorine-free. Additionally, the plant providing the packaging is 100% powered by wind.
  • The shipping packaging to retailers is also 100% post consumer recycled content and paper from sustainably managed forests. Like the retail packaging, it is 100% chlorine-free and is sized to deliver the maximum number of systems in the least amount of space.
  • Our Ecosystem:

  • While we could source products, components, and materials from all over the U.S. to save money, we focus on building a provider/supplier ecosystem comprised of companies close to where we prepare the final product. This minimizes the carbon footprint of the product prior to purchase.
  • At Vincero Design, we are committed to building a maximum performance product with minimum environmental impact.